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NSTP. :p

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Dec. 1st, 2010 | 04:17 am

The whole weekend I was just thinking about our final exam in NSTP how can I make it without even knowing nothing. All the bandaging techniques (B.T) our instructor taught us, was just a splash that easily abandoned my mind. HAHA. So I decided to not attend our first period which is Advance Algebra, I took a little sacrifice so that I will not make a mess on our exam. It's a coincidence when also some of my classmates do not attend the AA class. So instead of worrying about that matter, we focus on studying all the B.T, we cooperate with each other, get serious to learn things up. And when its exactly 9:00 I think my heart stops beating. NAH just kidding. Haha but wait it's time for our practical exam waaaaaa I'm getting nervous already. So when we got to fern our instructor sir adrian once again show us all the B.T and give us instructions. Its in random, so that you will not know who your partner will be. It's a little tricky right? When my name was called, I went inside the room. And there! Magic happened. I got a perfect score. WOW. :)))) Thanks also to my partner.

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