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I will miss you guys (T11) most especially YOU. :)

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Dec. 15th, 2010 | 04:57 pm

 I'm kinda sad whenever I think of not seeing you guys for 3-4 weeks? Amp. But it's the time for all of us to take a rest and have the time of our life. Spending everyday with our family making gimik with our friends. PARTY. I'm so proud and happy that once in my life I met all of you. You guys always makes me feel contented. Spending almost everyday in the room, study together, laugh together, from getting serious to naughty all the time. Thank you for the memories, thank you for making my life complete.

I'm just an ordinary girl from the province of Nueva Ecija, taking a risk to study in Manila without knowing someone in my new school. Without having an experience of being independent. I'm always afraid to get far away from my family. First week here in Manila was a nightmare, I miss my family so so much that's the reason why I cried almost every night. 

Meeting someone like you, you and you. All of you! Was a gift that can be treasured forever. I love you all, not just because of half a year of being together but  for the friendship that will lasts eternally. Infinite is the term for our bond. A bond that can never be broken or destroyed by a single storm. We understand and care for each other that's why I'm not ashamed of being myself in front of each and everyone of you.

YOU. Thank you for coming into my life, like a comet you came down straight to my heart. I hope your fine and happy right now. Please take care of yourself always. I'm here for you even though you can't feel it every time we see each other but for once just try.

TILL NEXT TIME. :)))))))) <3 

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