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Have faith!

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Dec. 15th, 2010 | 04:30 pm

 Today was a blast. I'm so tired. Tired of finalizing all the paper works and trying to review for the exam. Final exam have started already. HELL WEEK! :) but having your friends with you to help, guide and teach you was a great feeling. Meaning your important to them, strong bonds between you and them means a lot.
First test ENGLISH. Wow great! I didn't study so I was very nervous while taking the exam. There are so many things in my mind. But at least I survived. I trust myself, I believe that I can pass the exam (hopefully, right sir? :D )  English is not my tempo but I'm trying to give my best in all our seat works and quizzes. My professor's way of teaching helps me so much, the atmosphere in our room feels so comfortable, from being naughty to nice. Although sometimes we've crossed our limitations and our prof is kinda getting mad already. Thank you so much for the patience sir. :) 

Second test SOLID MENSURATION. Gaaad! It was so hard, my head is aching all throughout the exam. Analyzing all the problems just makes me weak, I'm not over reacting but it's really that hard. I hope I'm not failed on that exam. Wew..

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