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Our pride Manny Pacquiao once again made us proud. :)

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Nov. 14th, 2010 | 05:03 pm

It's been a month now since I've entered my last entry, I kinda miss sharing things that are worthless or meaningless but as always I enjoy making all of it for you guys to read it. This thing is not really my type, Im a person who loves outside activities like going to the mall, trying new restaurants. I love eating ya know. :) But once my teacher said that this will be a part of our grade, I have no choice but to follow him. But all are worth it, I think my english is improving and I kinda like it.

What more to expect for him?

Once again the world's greatest boxer and our pride Manny " PACMAN" Pacquiao won over Antonio Margarito. The battle was awesome. Pure power and courage were given by both parties. The left and right cheek of Margarito were bleeding. But only the referee have the right to stop the fight. All were just watching to see Pacman beyond his victory. I'ts just a warm heartful moment when Manny won his 8th championship title. Can you just imagine a man who once live a peaceful life in GenSan was now one of the most successful and wealthful man in the whole world? Well that's what you call talent. Great power comes from great responsibility.

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